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Our primary logo is the Zoom wordmark. It’s bold simplicity reflects our culture and product.

  • Only show the logo in Zoom blue or white.
  • Don’t use previous versions of the logo.
  • Don’t alter, rotate, or modify the logo.
  • Don’t animate the logo.
  • Don’t accessorize the logo with extra elements like speech bubbles.
Zoom wordmark

Clear space and minimum size

When you’re using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give it some room to breathe. The empty space around the logo should be at least the equal amount of the height.

To ensure the logo maintains its visual impact, do not go any smaller than 18 pixels in height or 80 pixels in width.

Clear Space         

Zoom wordmark

Minimum Size         

Zoom logo minimun size

Camera icon

Our icon is present across our apps and social media profile pictures. Please use the icon instead of the wordmark for any online account of Zoom such as profile pictures.

Use the wordmark logo for all other needs.

Zoom wordmark logo group


Do not outline
Do not add special effects
Do not fill with a gradient
Do not contain in shape
Do not skew, rotate, or stretch
Do not personify
Do not fill with colors/patterns
Do not modify letter spacing
Do not use any old versions of our logo
Do not lock up with copy or other logos
Do not change opacity
Do not place over images

Core Products and Extensions

Our current products with lockups are Zoom Rooms and Zoom Voice. Other products and services do not have approved lockups.

Zoomrooms lockup

Our product lockups are comprised of the Zoom wordmark and its accompanying word. The product words are created with the base font Kaleko 205 regular and customized with rounded edges to compliment our primary typeface, Lato.

All lockups must be created/approved by the Zoom brand marketing team.

Zoomrooms lockup detail

Zoomrooms brand

Our secondary lockup applies to all other extensions of Zoom. Some examples being the Zoom blog, divisions of Zoom such as Zoom support, or specific partners of Zoom, such as Zoom technology partners.

Zoomrooms partner

Our secondary extensions can be displayed in two formats, wide and stacked. When possible, please use the wide format.

All secondary lockups should be created with the Zoom wordmark at 32px tall, follow all spacing guidelines, and then scale after as a complete lockup.

(When using the wide format) for titles with 2 or more words containing a combined 10 or more characters use 2 lines.

All lockups must be created/approved by the Zoom marketing team.

Zoomrooms partner detail


Color Palette

Primary Zoom Blue HEX #2D8CFF RGB 45 140 255 CMYK 71 37 0 0 PANTONE 279 C Zoom Orange HEX #F26D21 RGB 242 109 33 CMYK 71 37 0 0 PANTONE 165 C
Black HEX #232333 RGB 35 35 31 CMYK 81 76 52 61 PANTONE 532 C Dark Gray HEX #4A494F RGB 74 73 79 CMYK 6 7 0 69 PANTONE 7540 C Gray HEX #BABACC RGB 186 186 124 CMYK 9 9 0 2 PANTONE 5295 C Medium Gray HEX #747487 RGB 116 116 135 CMYK 14 14 0 47 PANTONE COOL GRAY 9 C Platinum HEX #E4E4ED RGB 228 228 237 CMYK 4 4 0 7 PANTONE COOL 649 C Smoke HEX #F6F7F9 RGB 246 247 249 CMYK 1 1 0 2 White HEX #FFFFFF RGB 255 255 255 CMYK 0 0 0 0

Web Palette













RED #E02828




#232333 #747487 #0E71EB #FFFFFF #F7F7FA #E7F1FD


#232333 #747487 #BABACC #0E71EB #F26D21 #FFFFFF #27874C #E02828

Additional Gray Scale

#232333 #4A494F #747487 #BABACC #E4E4ED #F6F7F9 #FFFFFF



Our typeface is bold, rounded.

For cases where Lato cannot be used substitute with Helvetica Neue.

Alternate typeface uses:

  • Avenir for presentation titles
  • Helvetica Neue for presentation body text
Classification Text Size/Line Height
H1 48px/52px/3em
H2 36px/40px/2.25em/Bold
H3 24px/28px/1.5em/Bold
Large Body Copy 20px/26px/1.25em
Medium Body Copy 16px/22px/1em
Small Body Copy 14px/20px/0.8em
X-Small Body Copy 12px/18px/0.75em
Labels 12px/18px/0.75em



24px Buttons

  • Primary Orange

  • Secondary Orange

  • Primary Blue

  • Secondary Blue

  • Destructive

  • Text

  • Outline

48px Buttons

  • Primary Orange

  • Secondary Orange

  • Primary Blue

  • Secondary Blue

  • Destructive

  • Text

  • Outline





Video Webinar

H.323/SIP Connector

Zoom Rooms


Best practices

All photography used throughout our marketing should reflect our brand and product. We are modern and clean while being bold and beautiful. Stock photography should be as natural as possible reflect our culture of diversity and happiness.

Zoom Logo
Zoom Logo Zoom Logo
Zoom Logo Zoom Logo
Zoom Logo Zoom Logo